The Most Played Poker Variant: Texas Hold ‘Em

Since the inaugural World Series of Poker, Texas Hold ’em has been incredibly popular. When the game made it to television and the Internet, its popularity skyrocketed.

The Game That Has Broadened Its Appeal

The most played poker variation in North America and Europe is Texas Hold ’em, also spelled hold ’em or just hold. Played in both brick-and-mortar and virtual casinos, as well as in poker card rooms and specialized online poker sites, this game is a favorite among players.

Gathering of Neighbors

As a community card poker game, Texas Hold ’em requires players to construct their hands using both their exposed and shared cards. The fact that it is a community card game has contributed to its appeal as it adds a new dimension to the game while keeping it simple, making it more engaging and demanding for players.

A Look Back at Texas Hold ‘Em

Like many other card games, Texas Hold ’em has no apparent beginning. The general consensus is that it started in Texas around the turn of the century. The common belief is that the game first emerged in Robstown, Texas, and quickly gained a large following across the Lone Star State. For Texas Hold ’em, the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the 1970s was the game-changer. The World Series of Poker was hosted by Benny Binion in the Binions Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in his very own poker room. Instantaneous renown was bestowed upon Texas Hold ’em upon its selection as the WSOP main event determining game.

Poker on the web and television

The popularity of poker and Texas Hold ’em in particular skyrocketed with the inaugural World Series of Poker tournament, but the real boom in popularity has occurred after the year 2000. Television and film depictions of poker tournaments contributed to the sport’s meteoric rise in popularity. Prior to this, the majority of poker games played in American brick-and-mortar casinos were variations of 7 Card Stud. Texas Hold ’em quickly became the most popular poker variant once the main event of the World Series of Poker was shown on television. In addition to the WSOP, the World Poker Tour (WPT) tournament was broadcast live.

Once poker became available online, allowing players from all around the globe to partake, its popularity skyrocketed once more. Naturally, online poker companies provided Texas Hold ’em as their major form of poker due to its meteoric rise in popularity. Although many online poker players continued to play other variations, Texas Hold ’em eventually became the game of choice for the majority of players.

Textbooks on the Game of Texas Hold ‘Em

Numerous books on the subject of Texas Hold ’em poker are now available. Both digital and physical versions of these books are available. Part of the reason for the books’ popularity is the growing number of players who are interested in reading about strategy and the lives of prominent poker players. Another reason is that the game is well-suited to mathematical and strategic analysis.

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